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Ensighten Support can help you solve matters that come up with your Ensighten experience. This article walks you through the best ways for contacting us.:

  1. Easy steps for reaching us and filling out your online request form.
  2. Best practices to better assist you during triage and assignment.

Easy Steps

You should always submit a request using our simple online form.

There are three ways to submit a ticket to Ensighten Support:

  1. Online CS Support Request form
  2. Email CS Support
  3. Call-center

Online Support Request

  1. (optional) Navigate to the customer portal and log in or register.

    Although logging in to the portal is optional, Ensighten recommends that you log in to help expedite the request.

  2. Click Submit a request.
  3. Enter all required fields and click Submit.

    See the article: Best Practices Guidelines for help completing your form.

The request is saved and the Ensighten Customer Support team is notified.

Field Description
Your email address

(Required)  Type your complete work email address.  Do not use your personal email. 

Subject Type a subject to tell us what you request is about.
Example: account lockout  

Describe your request or issue. Since we depend on this information to resolve your issue, include as much detail as possible.  List the symptoms you observed and tell us what result you expected.
Example: The sequential steps you took to find the problem. Include URLs.

Product Type the name of the Ensighten product you are using.
Support Type The type of inquiry that you are submitting for assistance.  This will help us quickly assign your request to a team member.
Business Impact Tell us if there is any impact to your business
Example: Site is down
Attachments Include screen shots  as attachments.  Click Add File or drag and drop a file into the message.
Screencast To supplement the description, you can include a Screencast by clicking Record screencast. Screencast records both onscreen activity and audio, so you can include your own commentary of the problem or symptoms as you demonstrate the steps you used.

To use Screencast, you must have Java installed. You will be prompted to download Java by your browser if it is not detected. 

Once the screen recorder launches, follow the on-screen instructions to record the Screencast. After the recording, you will see a pop-up prompting you to either upload the recording or delete and cancel.

Email Ensighten Support

To contact Ensighten Customer Success Support by email, send a request to Support at the email address: This opens a case with our Support team.

Send your email request with as much detail as possible, see Support Request Best Practices for help drafting your request.

Call Ensighten Support

If you do not have access to the website or email, you can contact Ensighten Customer Success Support by telephone during US Ensighten non-business hours.

Ensighten non-business hours: Weekdays 7pm PST – 7am PST and Weekends.

The phone agent will ask a number of questions about your request, be prepared to provide the information defined in the Support Request Best Practices article.

Use the phone numbers closest to your geographic region.

Call Center Phone Numbers
North America +1 630 790 7099
United Kingdom +44 800 622 6068

Support Request Best Practices

To help us expedite your request, when you reach out to the Ensighten Support team use the following guidelines to provide as much information as possible. Ultimately, you are the only one who can provide the information we need to best assist you. Gather all the information about your case so that we can fully understand and quickly reproduce your issue.

For product resolution timelines, see the Severity Guidelines article.

  1. Select a brief subject that provides a clear picture of your inquiry.
  2. The description field is important. Our team depends on this information to help you resolve the request. Whenever possible, include detailed sequential steps so we can replicate the issue. Include URLs and expected results.
  3. If you know the product you are inquiring about, select it from the list.  If you are not sure, choose Manage 2.0 and our team will help you identify the product.
  4. Support type allows our team to assign to appropriate team.
    • Platform Support: All inquiries about the product user interface.
    • Implementation Support: All inquires about your implementations.
    • General Inquiry: A general question about the platform, products, the Success portal, or just saying hello.
  5. Business impact helps us understand the urgency of your inquiry.
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