Support Severity Guidelines

Ensighten Support can help you with any questions that might come up with your Ensighten experience.

For the surest way to reach us, review the HOW TO REACH ENSIGHTEN SUPPORT article and become familiar with the SUPPORT REQUEST BEST PRACTICES.

Severity Guidelines

Use the following guidelines to help identify the severity level and their resolution timelines when you are submitting your request.

Severity Priority Guidelines Target Response Time
SEV 1 Urgent
  • Live website is down
  • Application UI freezing or not responding
  • Critical website functionality not working
  • Revenue is impacted
  • Above normal global response time
Assist Immediately within 1 - 2 hours.
SEV 2 High
  • Major site functionality not working, including interface problems
  • Tags not firing or unexpected behavior 
  • Templates not loading
  • Locations not saving or loading
  • Rules not loading
  • Alerts not working
  • Unable to sync
  • UI interrupting workflow
Assist Immediately within 2 - 4 customer business hours
SEV 3 Normal
  • Feature bug
  • Single user unable to use Manage
  • Login requests
  • Bootstrap creation
  • Implementation QA
  • Reporting not working as expected
  • UI slow
  • Rules not loading in a non-production site
Assist within 1 customer business day.
SEV 4 Low
  • Feature request
  • questions
  • Training/user education using JavaScript
Assist within 1 customer business day.
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